I am not a social media person, I find the whole thing completely baffling. I’m on Facebook, but ever since I found the button which lets me mute my ‘friends’ posts I basically just use it as a device to remind me of people’s birthdays. I signed up to Twitter for the sole purpose of getting more Dropbox space. From a distance Twitter looks like a seething cesspit of complete bollocks. When I signed up I got a closer look, and things didn’t improve much. As for anything else: your Instagrams, your Tinder’s, your Tumblrs, your Grindrs? No idea. I’m dimly aware that these things exist, in the same way that I’m aware they are still releasing pop music and my car radio can pick up other stations than Radio 4, but no more than that.

So I’m naturally inclined against the whole blog thing. What’s more, I can’t for a minute imagine that anyone would be interested in reading my inane ramblings on a routine basis. I have one reason for starting this blog: at the weekend I participated in a ‘Megagame‘ called Watch The Skies 3. I found it an interesting and enjoyable experience, but not without it’s flaws. Normally I’d leave it there, but I’ve been pondering the experience since and think that (a) the day was worth documenting and (b) I have some constructive criticism I’d like to share. My hope is that this criticism might get back to the game makers if I make it available in this public way and perhaps contribute to their future success.

As for the future of this blog beyond that, who knows. If I find the experience sufficiently cathartic, perhaps I’ll post some more. You lucky people, you!


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